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Galileo has recently submitted a ‘request for scoping opinion’ to the Scottish Government regarding our proposals for a wind farm and Biodiversity Enhancement Plan (together known as ‘the project’) on land within the Cabrach and Glenfiddich Estates, approximately 10km south of Dufftown. The site is entirely within the administrative boundary of Moray Council, adjacent to the existing Dorenell Wind Farm.

It is anticipated that the total generation capacity of the Wind Farm will exceed 50 Megawatts (MW) and therefore a consent application for the Project would be made to the Scottish Ministers under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 (the Applicant would also seek deemed planning permission under Section 57 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997).

Full details of the project will not be finalised until much later in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, however we believe the location could support a project could make a meaningful contribution to Scotland’s renewable energy and climate change targets, and deliver a significant community wealth fund for the local area.  Subject to consultation with nearby communities, we will be proposing to focus the community wealth fund for the on discounted electricity bills and energy efficiency grants for all households within 10km of the project.

The Dorenell Wind Farm Extension and Biodiversity Enhancement Plan is set against the backdrop of the climate emergency, and the need to transition to renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally from polluting fossil fuels.

The project will support the transition to a low carbon economy and the delivery of the Scottish Government’s ambitious legally-binding target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.1 In addition, we believe that the Bioversity Enhancement Plan will deliver the largest peatland restoration project of its kind ever associated with a Scottish wind farm, delivering further carbon savings and contributing to the Scottish Government’s target to restore 20,000 hectares of peatland each year.2

Project Proposal

The Dorenell Wind Farm Extension and Biodiversity Enhancement Plan would be located within the Cabrach and Glenfiddich Estates, approximately 10km south of Dufftown. The site is entirely within the administrative boundary of Moray Council, adjacent to the existing Dorenell Wind Farm.

The number, scale, location of turbines, and the complementary energy storage units that would also form part of the project proposals, will be informed by a series of site surveys, environmental and technical constraints, stakeholder feedback, and feedback gathered through public engagement.

Environmental studies will also define the biodiversity enhancement plan which will be an integral part of the project, including restoration of a significant area of highly degraded and eroded peatland.

Helping to cut our greenhouse gas emissions, this will assist in tackling the climate emergency and support Scotland’s transition to a low-carbon future.

In addition, the project would provide long-term economic and social benefits, including funding to support local initiatives and supporting construction and operational employment.

As the capacity of the wind farm is expected to exceed 50MW, our application for consent will be determined by Scottish Ministers through what is known as a Section 36 application. Moray Council will be a key statutory consultee as the host planning authority.

The project recently commenced ‘scoping’, where consultees, such as NatureScot and local community councils, are asked their views on the technical and environmental studies which the project team should take forward as proposals are developed, and which should be included in the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment.  The scoping report can be accessed on the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit here.

Facts and Figures

Community Engagement

At Galileo, we strongly believe in the need for ongoing dialogue regarding our projects. We will consult and listen carefully to views on the proposals for Dorenell Wind Farm Extension and Biodiversity Enhancement Plan, making changes where possible as we develop our proposals.

As part of this process, we believe in meaningful and effective consultation, aiming to engage early with the local community and key stakeholders. This helps to identify issues and concerns, as well as benefits and opportunities, that we can then consider when developing the design of the proposal.

A scoping request seeks to obtain from the ECU the scope and level of detail of information that needs to be provided in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report that will accompany the Section 36 application to the Scottish Government. An EIA is an assessment of the likely significant environmental effects arising from the proposed development.

As part of our pre-application consultation, we will be holding a first round of local public consultation events in early 2024 to enable people to learn more about the project, discuss the proposal with our project team, and provide feedback on the initial early-stage design.

Galileo’s Community Offering

Galileo is committed to developing projects that deliver substantial and tangible long-term benefits locally, fostering strong community relations.

We seek to embrace the Scottish Government Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits when developing and implementing our community benefits packages, including our community wealth funding.3

If consented, significant funding will be distributed to the local community over the lifetime of the project, in addition to creating employment and providing opportunities for local businesses in areas such as construction and hospitality.

Community Wealth Fund

The wind farm would support a community wealth fund equal to £5,000 per annum for every MW of capacity of the final proposals for the wind farm.

Our early intention is to focus this on two key areas:

  • Renewable Electricity Discount Scheme

Our proposal for a renewable electricity discount scheme would guarantee every household within 5km of the project receive a sizeable contribution towards their annual electricity bill, and plans are currently being assessed to consider the extent to which all households out to 10km could benefit.

We would additionally propose that funds are made available in order to fund energy efficiency improvements for all households within 10km to further support local people with the cost of energy.

  • Education and Training Fund

Galileo is also keen to set up a wind farm bursary scheme to encourage local students who want to extend their education but may not have the means to do so. Working with local schools, further and higher education providers, and Skills Development Scotland, this would support aspiring learners and those wanting to enter Modern Apprenticeships or develop land-based skills.

Community Shared Ownership

In addition to the Community Wealth Fund, Galileo will be exploring the potential for the local community to take an ownership stake in the project.

By participating in shared ownership of a renewable energy project, communities can share in a range of benefits including developing a sustainable income stream of which they have control, creating strong partnerships, and building resilience in their local area.

Galileo has a long-term working relationship with Local Energy Scotland (www.localenergy.scot), the Scottish Government’s adviser on shared ownership, who can assist in providing professional advice and support to the local community.

Additionally, our team is extremely well-placed having been directly involved in successfully delivering community shared ownership elsewhere in Scotland.

Construction Community Fund

A Construction Community Fund will be made available to local groups and organisations to coincide with the start of construction until the commencement of the operation of the wind farm. This will help to offset any inconvenience caused during the construction period, and amount to around £100,000.

Opportunities for Local Businesses and Suppliers

The proposals would also create opportunities for local businesses and, in addition to the use of local services and amenities.

All of these can generate a significant amount of inward investment in the area.

Galileo is committed to ensuring that, wherever reasonably practicable, local employees and contractors are used in all aspects of wind farm development.

These opportunities include:

  • Construction, fencing, drainage and forestry contractors
  • Electrical contractors
  • Materials suppliers, such as building merchants
  • Plant hire and security
  • Waste management and fuel providers
  • Local hospitality providers, such as B&Bs

Galileo is keen to hear from local businesses who may be able to offer the skills and services that we will require to progress the project.

If you are a local business and would like to know more about opportunities for the local supply chain, please email dorenellextension@galileoenergy.uk

Jason Morin

Senior Project Manager

About Galileo

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We aim to do this by developing enough smart, efficient, high-quality and integrated green energy projects, so that renewable energy becomes the primary source of electricity for all energy consumers in Europe.

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Further Information

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